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Affiliate program

Become our affiliate partner

Do you have a Web site? And can you place a link or banner on your Website? Do you practice the Ho'oponopono process and want to share it with others?
If so, you might join the GotHo'oponopono Affiliate Program. We can
co-operate via emails, image banners, text links, Flash banners, even customized HTML banners if you want to.

If you like our services and think you know quite a few people that might benefit from using the Ho'oponopono cleansing tools, the GotHo'oponopono Affiliate program might organize a win-win-win situation (for you, for your customer and for GotHo'oponopono)!

To become a GotHo'oponopono Affiliate click here.

Already registered GotHo'oponopono Affiliate click here

So what benefits will you enjoy with our Affiliate Program?

1. Your friends or your customers deserve and need it. Think about how many people who live in the past unable to move forward in their lives. Think about how GotHo'oponopono can help them to be more conscious, and live life to the fullest, helping them make the changes they desire.

2. Make money. Earn up to 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links and banners on your website to GotHo'oponopono.com.

3. State-of-the-art customer tracking. When your customers click through to our site from the GotHo'oponopono banner you place on your site (or through your Affiliate URL), they remain your customer for life.

4. Great tools and incentives to create traffic and at the same time get your readers and customers to our GotHo'oponopono Journal monthly e-zine.

5. It is easy. The bottom line is: you get customers to GotHo'oponopono.com, and we do the rest...
a) We receive, confirm, process, fulfill and handle all customer inquiries and requests.
b) This program is anonymous. You will not be asked questions on the status of orders etc. from the customer. All questions, etc. will be directed to GotHo'oponopono.com.

6. More benefits:
a) Credibility and Integrity. We believe in our mission of helping people and unleashing potential in their lives. We believe in our tools. We offer great products at a fair price.
b) Our Privacy Policy is simply: GotHo'oponopono does not sell, rent, or in any way provide your personal information, including e-mail addresses, to anyone.
c) Tracking and reports. You receive automatic notification of their order, including customer information (with the exception of the credit card information).

7. There is no cost to become a GotHo'oponopono Affiliate except being an user, of course! All you need is to know the tools and have a Web site where you can place one of our banners, and a few customers to direct to that banner! Start earning money from your web site today. It is easy, quick and free.

To become a GotHo'oponopono Affiliate click here.

Happy Cleaning, The Staff at GotHo'oponopono.com



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