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What is Got Ho'oponopono.com

Hi, my name is Brian. I'm the creator of this website. I have been using the powerful process of Ho'oponopono for almost 2 years now.

I have come to feel that this Hawaiian cleansing process is the culmination of my many years of working on becoming whole. In no way is it the end, but it certainly has given me a new beginning transforming my way of life.

I no longer live in the cloud of past memories, that once caused my life to be stale, closed off, and riddled with guilt. I have learned to transmute those self-defeating memories into the void.

It wasn't until I became aware that I was being controlled by the instances and circumstances that happened hours, days, weeks, months, and years before that I was able to become the creator of my experience.

One of the things that I have found with Self-Help is that it has to be done by...one's self. That sounds funny but when it comes to myself, consistency and motivation fly right out the window. I've always needed little helpers along the way to keep me focused. Hence the reason why these Ho'oponopono tools exist.

The tools you find for sale on this website are tools that I use in my personal practice. They help keep me on track.

For example, I have cleansing tags attached to everything. They are always staring me in the face reminding me to Clean and Erase.

With some of these tools for me to even have one, I had to have thousands of them made. And so I thought if I'm in need of this type of product to help with my practice of Ho'oponopono why not give others access to the tools to help them with their practice as well.

Through this website I hope to help millions of people in the world.

It has been said that history keeps repeating itself. I believe that until we can learn to stop
re-living our past memories we will never be free, and so if I can help just one person who can then help one other, and on and on, I know we can change this world, one memory at a time.

Happy Cleaning,

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